We are Alice, Margot and Zor and these are our adventures and travel diaries.

Secret charquito in fuerteventura :)

Expedition: Expedition Canarias I I will do some posts about secret places. First one is this amazing natural pool in Fuerteventura. It can be reached ony at low tide but it is totally worth it. It is usually full of fish(es), transparent water, no sea urchins and we had an amazing time there. How to…

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Welcome to PolyNomads (Alice)

Here’s some joys of life on the road: No apartment keys in your handbag. Except for the car key and from time to time random keys to Airbnb’s or friend’s houses. Finding the perfect place to camp and then cooking dinner for your loved ones in the light of the sunset. Not having to think…

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Welcome to Polynomads (Margot) :)

Being Polynomad is more than a lifestyle, it’s our way to set us free. We are Polynomads because we love and travel freely and responsibly. And both things feed off each other. We listen to each other, we support each other, we respect our spaces and above all we love each other. That allows us…

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Welcome to Polynomads (Zor) :)

We travel around the world, working on the way. We live in this tiny camper, tent, friend’s places or airbnbs. We give Shibari workshops, private lessons and shoot porn. Passive income is the trick. We are in a poly relationship and we care for each other. We have no destination. Or fixed schedule. We like…

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