Help Us! We are confuso!

Help us on our trip!

You can also help us on our trip! Or if you hate us and you dont want us to come back to our cities, you can also help us and we will be away for much longer!

I helped them buying something from their wishlist and then i saw a colorful nudibranch! This can’t be a coincidence!John Smith
  • Buy us things from our wishlist! We will do absurd pictures with the gifts and post them! 🙂
  • Invitations to your home! We are curious to discover new places. And very grateful for a shower, food, a space on your floor for our mattress or access to a washing machine. Specially about the shower.
  • Hire us! We offer Shibari tuition on all levels, as private classes or workshops. Either when we’re passing through your town, or we can plan a whole new trip. We do all that stuff and you can contact us at
  • A lot of people buy us custom videos and this is the main passive income for our trip! Buy dirty pictures and videos! We do custom photo and video shoots. All kind of hot, kinky, weird stuff. Really weird.
I booked a shibari class to support them and now I can do full inverted suspensions and I have a long queue of models wanting to do ropes with me and i didn’t kill anyone yet! Totally recommended!Rotating Nawashi