By Margout

Visiting Portugal on the way to Xplore!

Expedition: Expedition Xplore As soon as we arrived to Huelva, we started our expedition to Xplore Festival Barcelona at the Pyrenees. 🙂 We went up through Portugal and visited very beautiful beaches surrounded by high cliffs and one incredible hidden waterfall called Pego do Inferno. Portugal is really green, not too populated and full of…

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By Zor

Cachopo & boobs

Expedition: Expedition Xplore Ok, this is not safe for facebook 🙂 But it was worth it. A cachopo is the spanish word for a huge schnitzel filled with ham (serrano) and cheese. And we found a town called cachopo in Portugal. But… why were we in Portugal? Well, after taking the ferry from Canarias to…

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