How to stay clean during roadtrips? #tipsandtricks

By Margout

As we are staying for a few days in Tenerife because of some shootings I am going to solve one of the doubts you more commonly have… How the hell do we stay clean during our van roadtrips?

For me it’s all about good organization, creativity, consciousness and luck. I’m going to solve step by step different levels of dirt we usually have to deal with and give some tips 😛

Basic body washing:

  • Baby wipes are your best friends. Really, they are super cheap and effective and you can use them in whenever situation. I always store one package on the car’s glove box.
  • Inside the draw next to the sink we store our toothbrushes, tooth paste and my face (dirt & make up removal) soap with a tiny towel. So we usually just take the minimum water for these thingies every morning and night before going to bed. Never waste water!
  • I have as well, stored in my car’s side storing bag make up removal wet wipes and intimate wipes. I use the first ones at night and the second ones when I get up.
  • Disabled bathrooms are great. They usually have a private sink where you can clean yourself a bit (I do always carry a small set of soap just in case). Also, you can use the sink to fill up your car’s water tank as no one is going to notice.
  • We always carry about two or three rolls of toilet paper (that we partially use as tissues) and a small biodegradable package of wet WC wipes.
  • Okay this is awesome: some big resting areas have a shower service. So you just pay around 3 euros for a 10-minute hot shower on a private space. We usually pay for one and sneak the other one inside to share the shower. Afterwards, you feel so recovered. 😛
  • We sometimes rent cheap airbnbs in the middle of nowhere to rest and shower (and more stuff).
  • We have also some amazing friends all around the world that let us stop by their place to get a shower. In exchange we usually can offer porn, food and bondage. You are the best! Really!
  • And last but not least we got recently a 12V portable shower that connects to the car’s battery and takes the water from a water tank. This works the best when we are exploring really isolated places so we just park somewhere and take a shower. We use biodegradable shower gel, shampoo and conditioner stored on small bottles. 🙂

Dishes washing:

  • Our VanEssa camping module includes an electric sink with a removable plastic tub to throw out the dirty water. We got a soap bottle that fits perfectly in the sink sides and it’s filled up with dishes hand washing biodegradable soap. Also this soap is probiotic so the more you wash the dishes during the time the less soap you will need to clean them. <3
  • We always wipe a bit our dishes with our used kitchen paper before washing them to minimize the quantity of water we use. The less greasy it is the less time you need to clean them. Then we just throw them out in our garbage bag.
  • In case it’s way too cold outside, the dishes are mostly clean or we are really in a hurry we always have kitchen/washing dishes wet wipes that clean them almost perfectly and you may only need to rinse a tiny bit.
  • Together with the soup we always have a two sides sponge and a kitchen towel.

Doing laundry:

  • We own the most amazing portable hand washing “machine”. It’s called Scrubba, looks like a bag and you just put a bunch of cloths inside with a bit of water and detergent, close it and start scrubbing it. Inside there’s some particles that remove the dirt from the cloths. When you finish just rinse everything a bit and that’s it, sounds crazy but works very effectively. In addition, it’s really minimalistic and easy to store. Here you can watch the video where we unboxed the Skrubba that someone got us from our wishlist!
  • We of course always have a bottle of biodegradable hand detergent in the car for the laundry.
  • We store all the dirty cloths/laundry inside a cloth bag that we keep under the back seats (there’s storage compartments). So when we do laundry we wash the cloths and bag together and don’t use plastic.
  • And then of course, if we stop at an airbnb we always book one with washing machine.
  • Or then again, we have all those really wonderful friends that let us use their washing machine. You are the best!!
  • Also you learn that if you are careful, cloths can stay clean for a few days, but then of course underwear needs to get washed faster so I usually travel with more panties than any other cloths.
  • And as we are ropey people we use hempex ropes to create a clothline inside the van and drying the wet cloths out while we are driving! 🙂

And this is mostly what we do while travel to stay so clean. Looks complicated but once you get into it, feels just natural! And we don’t make plans in advance or have fixed times so it’s all about being spontaneous and resolutive in real time in every situation. 🙂 Please tell us if you liked this kind of post and if you would want more like this! And if you have suggestions about how you manage your own hygiene during medium/long term trips, please share them.


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