Last day in Prague: On our way to Berlin and EURIX

By Zor
Expedition: Expedition ShibariTour 2018
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Today is our last day un Czech Republic. Yesterday we finished the Improvisation and Kuzushi workshop and the students did really beautiful things. The Prague shibari community is really creative. And in some hours we will depart, with some Czech people, and drive all the way to Berlin. Because tomorrow starts the XIII EURIX: European Riggers and Models Exchange. We will be there as presenters (it will be my second time) and also taking care of the photo and video space, together with Alexander Madl And Tajo, as always.

We made a lot of new friends and met very interesting people in Prague. Our hosts, Soptik, Eva and Joan von Brook are incredible, and took a lot of care of us, showed us the city and took us to super nice places! Thanks! You will be always welcome in Madrid. Or Tenerife. I dont really kow where do i live anymore. 😛 We really want to come back to Czech Republic and see the south and the east, probably in our next big expedition 🙂

I have been thinking a lot about what to teach in Berlin. I really liked the old schwelle 7 atmosphere and as Saara Rei said in a post, it will be very good to recover the old spirit about collaboration and mutual teaching. I dont know if it is possible in such a big space but i will defintely try to join the effort. I am very happy that Saara and Billie are presenters also this year 🙂 And the organization asked me to repeat the blind ropes interaction getting in touch thing, that i almost improvised last year and that a lot of people told me they liked!

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