Exploring Punkva Caves!

By Margout
Expedition: Expedition ShibariTour 2018
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We woke up early to go to one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. 🙂

Punkva caves are part of the Moravian Karst, the biggest karst region in Czech Republic! They are located in the north of Brno and what makes them so especial is that they are crossed by a subterranean river called Punkva.

We parked the car at the entrance and waited for a while until the next tour started -time that we used for having a fast breakfast and hot chocolate-. Then we walked for two kilometres to get to the starting point and saw some cute squirrels and outside caves.

The full tour was in Czech so don’t expect to get more info than the folding paper you will get at the information point 😛 The first part of the tour was a walk around the first section of the Punkva caves, they were fuuuull of huge shiny stalagmites and stalactites and really beautiful. I was so amazed. And then the path ended into a paradise that would perfectly be from Jurassic Park: the Macocha Abyss, a big green hole to the outside 138m tall!!!! Could that be more cool? Well, the answer is a big yes. Because right after that we jumped into a boat that drove us through the subterranean river. That feeling of being inside the dark cave, floating over the cold clear deep water, moving through the barroque caves holes, was something I would hardly ever forget. The boat part already made the tour totally worth it!

If you ever come to Czech Republic we totally recommend them. 🙂

And now we are in Prague resting a bit and getting ready for this Saturday’s ‘Tying without patterns’ workshop. Stay tuned for our new adventures! 😛

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