First days exploring Czech Republic and new way of travel.

By Zor
Expedition: Expedition ShibariTour 2018
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After the Prague Shibari Festival we stayed at the city a couple of days with our friends, and then we departed to explore Czech Republic and to have the first serious traveling with the campervan, but there were problems.

The first day, the main battery died completely. In the middle of nowhere. I tried a million things an in the way i found all the fuse system, the battery wiring, and i fixed a couple of things, like a 12V sock that was not working. And at a point a super nice Czech girl stopped and helped us. She was super kind and took us to the neares town to her mechanic, that was able to sell us a new battery for the T5 🙂 And then back all the way to the remote place where the camper was. She stopped because a couple of years ago she had an accident in the same road, with her new car, and wanted to help us because Karma. And for that reason we gave her our old battery, that she can take to the same workshop for recycling and she will get 500czk 🙂

What about the new way of travel? We were doing it wrong. We were too fast, not stoping enough at the places and driving a lot. We were not meeting local people and exploring with calm. Everything was a hurry, and it was because most of the time one of us had to come back for work or for something like that, so we had fixed dates. And the only way of traveling is with no destination and with no dates. So we are using the same system as before: interpolation, but with no times.

That is why we spent the last 3 days in the same 50 km area: Cesky Raj. The place is one of the most beautiful places i have seen in Europe, and the Geology is really cool. I am all the time thinking about Sawa Sagit. And because i was losing a bit of weight in the last weeks and i want to keep doing it and do more exercise, we decided to do at least a big hike every two days, if possible every day. So i downloaded outdooractive app and wikiloc app and we are wanting to listen about suggestions for hikes in the czech republic (or everywhere). If possible, under 10km for the moment 🙂

So i recomment really a lot to do the Český ráj: Hruboskalsko hike. It is super beautiful. But dont park at any paid parking. You can park at this viewpoint and start from there.

Yesterday we found an amaaaazing place to camp. Near a lake with swans anda big strange beaver-otter that was very friendly, with mist at the sunset and NO one around. We had a super nice dinner, edited pictures inside the campervan at our tiny but useful table, with the water heating on (that is much better than the air heater i used to have) and slept a lot. We woke up with the sound of water, the swans, and the sound of acorns fallin into the water (and over the van xd). The otter thingy was gone but we left a carrot for him.

And i am thinking about alternate posting a summary of the last days and a video post of the last days. What do youn think? Would you like it?

Here you have some pictures from the last two days:

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