The Tenerife interlude.

By Zor
Expedition: Expedition ShibariTour 2018
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The Tenerife interlude.

Why did we go to Tenerife? The Vanessa Mobilcamp people needed 3 weeks to finish our camper module. And I already rented my Madrid house. So what to do? Fall back to the emergency base: Tenerife. So we had to do some crazy calculations (minmax problem with two fixed dates, going from any german city and barcelona to tenerife and going back from tenerife to that german city (me) and from tenerife to barcelona and then the german city (margot), optimizing costs). Nothing that a combiation of google flights, excel and notepad can not solve.

So we landed in Tenerife, at one of the best months of the year: september. The water is warm, there are no turist, the weather is nice… And the first thing we did was going to swim.

And now i can explain something that a lot of people asked me. How do you find nice and secret places? So lets start. While going to land in Tenerife i took this picture:

It looks very nice, and i think it will be interesting to go there. Some dirt tracks but nothing that my jeep cherokee can not do. SO i get some references. It should be in a straight line to the landing strip of tenerife south airport. It is between a volcano and a little harbour. And after the harbour there is a golf.

So i start checking google maps and i find the place. It looks like a unused area between montaña amarilla and a little town. I know very well montaña amarilla because i used to scuba dive there a lot, but i never went to that side. And i dont remember any entrance. So i start checking nearby roads.

I find a road that has some access to the dirt tracks. But having a satellite view is never enough so i go to terrain view to see how difficult could it be. First problem. Some entries to the area look like old ones and the terrain is too rough , or the road has been destroyed. So i start checking other possibilities, not so near, and i open the street view to check the first entrace.

Forbidden and a chain. Not good. it will be a disaster to drive 1 hour to end in a closed road. So next one. And next one. And finally i find a entry that has a “no driving” sign but looks used. I check the area to see if there is soething that i should avoid. Soemthing that looks like a farm and something that looks like a quarry. I should be able to drive the 2 km until the end of the road and then walk for another km or so.

SO we drive to the place, we find the entrance and we do the usual thing. Just go there and enter like we are going to our home. The people around didnt even look. And having a 4×4 and going with decision is helping. We drive for a couple of km and the road is not good anymore. I would be able to drie with some difficulty but it is not worth it. Lets take some equipment and explore.

We find a nice place at the coast. The water is transparent and the sea is not bad. But I think a better place can be found. Margot goes to the car to get the fins and masks and i explore a little bit until i find the perfect spot 🙂 🙂 The car is quite hidden and fortunately it is not red or blue 😛

So that was our first day.

What else happened in Tenerife? A lot of things!!!

We went to shoot with the amazing KinkCanary. And because a couple of years ago i shoot some scenes for Public Disgrace with Susy Blue and she was a very good performer, but also very curious about bdsm, i recommended her to KinkCanary, and she came to shoot with Margot. We picked her up from the airport, she stayed one night with us, we had a super big milkshake and then 3 days of shooting. It was a simple scene and i was operating the second camera and it is always a pleasure to work with an ethical porn company like Kinkcanary. Susy did an awesome job and i think Margot enjoyed a lot the shooting, also. Latex, gas masks and a lot of stuff, including one of the most awesome latex gloves in the world. I want one!!! 😛

And we finished the last day of shootings before sunset, so Susy, Margot and me decided to go to swim and we drove all the way to abades. And the beach was empty, the sea was calm, the water was warm and the sun was setting at the east, and the full moon rising at the other side, so we did one of the best things in the world: go to swim naked. At some point, the water was warmer than the air. And because i used to teach scuba diving at that same place, i know the underwater enviroment better than my house 🙂

And we also took Matthias to an excursion. I always wanted to to the Añocheza track, from Izaña to Los Roques, and there is a place there where i wanted to do a shibari shooting, so it was the perfect excuse. We had breakfast at a super nice place in Arafo, and then we went all the way to las cañadas and started the track.

We found the tree and we did some ropes. It was so good to do some ropes for fun, and not for education. Some pictures (difficult ones, the contrast was very high) about kuzushi shibari. We had to practise for the upcoming festivals and workshops: Eurix, International Prague Shibari Festival and Kink& Ropes. I was very happy with the results, we finished with the sunset and we started the track again.

But this time the track was in very bad condition. We had to use the low gear at least 4 times. And the last part was quite scary. The rain has destroyed completely the track and even with the 4×4, low gear and good tires, the car was somtimes touching the ground.

What else we did? We went more times to the sea. At Punta del Hidalgo we found an amazing charquito, after trying to go into some private pools with no success 😛 😛 The sunset was really beautiful there and the water was warm. We used the masks for snorkelig a bit and the amount of fish (and crabs!) was incredible 🙂

And the last day we went to the nice creperie with Matthias and Susy and we said goodbye. Susy was going to stay for more shootings so they had a hard week ahead. We tried to sleep a bit because the next day our adventure was going to start. The new campervan and the trip to Prague! 🙂

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