May you live interesting times.

By Zor

The apocryphal chinese curse “May you live interesting times” is often used ironically. People prefer peace and tranquility than change and chaos. But the only way of evolving, no matter if you want it or not, is through change. And a lot of things changed, and we were not writing here anymore, and now, after the initial processing is done, i am ready to write again.

The first big change is that Alice is no longer with us, with me. We started this thing together and it was beautiful, with a little rented campervan in Iceland, after i promised her that we will go to Iceland :). And these were probably the best 3 years of my life, and the biggest change i had on my life. I miss and love her a lot, i wish she is happy and there will be always place for her in our travels 🙂

The second change is that we sold our cochecito to have a bigger one, so the 3 of us can fit there better! That is what i call bad timing 🙂 So we were polynomads without a car for the last 3 months. We travelled to Tenerife for shootings with kinkcanary and shibari lessons (we will post about it), we were in Madrid, in Valencia and in Sevilla. And then i travelled to Germany to buy the new car, and it was very complex because the car was in a remote town in Thuringia and nobody taled english and i had to improve my german skills in real time. And that went very well with the car, not so well trying to buy a sandwich in the supermarket 🙂 But the amount of nice people and help i received in Koln was incredible. I was surprised and very thankful. I know now that i have very good friends there, and i am really grateful to all the people that hosted me, drove 500 km x 2 to remote places of Germany, translated, came with me to the registration office, and spent time with me.

So now we have a new cochecito, but it is not a cochecito anymore, it is a KrakenWagen! After all the questions we did on this blog, we finally decided for the T5 approach. We got a black VW T5 Multivan Panamericana with 4wd and diff lock, and elevated seikel suspension (not the super good one that is 30mm but the 20mm one). That is extremely cool. Now the Krakenwagen is waiting at a secure parking lot in Koln until the vanessa people finish the camperization and all the stuff we need to set it up (inverters, swivel plates, etc) arrive to our friend house in Bonn 🙂

I will soon do a post with all the info about the car, modifications we are doing and all that 🙂

So we have to spend two weeks until the car is ready, and we choose: Tenerife! Why? I will tell you later, and then we will start some kind of shibari Tour around Europe being presenters for the following thingies:
– Prague Shibari festival
– Prague workshops and Prague fotoshoot-party
– Eurix
– Kink & Ropes Ludwigsburg
– Probably a workshop in Koln (still organizing it)
– Sevilla workshops
– Granada Workshops
– Gijon Workshops.

So why did we choose Tenerife to spend this two weeks? First because i have a house here. And we welcome nice and healthy people that like to explore, swim and hike among other things! 🙂 Then because this place is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And then because there is possibility of work here, with the amazing kinkcanary people (and even if we dont work, it is nice to see him and go for dinner).

But also because we are starting to develop a project that we had in mind for more than a year and was going slowly. Now we have time and we can work much more on it. It is related to Porn and Erotica and i can not tell anymore about it yet 🙂

So in the next posts, we will update the website with all the things that happened in the last 3 months 🙂

May you live interesting times.

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