Shooting days in Tenerife and Zor’s birthday!

By Margout

Hello again!

We are already in Madrid after two weeks in the Canary Islands. 🙂 We went there because I had to shoot again for Kinkcanary some crazy and hot new scenes and we wanted to spend Zor’s birthday together in a beautiful place.

I finally shot two different full sets (a D/S one and a clinical one), including a very dirty and funny chess game… This time my scene partner was the incredible Mistress Minerva that really did a great job, it was a pleasure to shoot with her. 🙂

During the week, we were also very lucky to get visited by wonderful friends. First, Miss Estigia from Gran Canaria that brought some supercool gifts and also draw us while she was at our place. (so cute awww) I didn’t know her before but I’m really looking forward to meet her again!! And then, at the end of the last week our friend Erendira came from Madrid to the island with some friends and we went out together to have dinner and explore the beautiful island. I’m so grateful to be always surrounded by incredible people!

After all the shootings Zor’s birthday arrived and we did an expedition to Anaga’s green amazing forest. We felt amazed by the clouds, those landscapes that disappeared and showed up in just seconds… At the end we went to the best hidden beach from Tenerife, very close to Benijo. Black shiny sand, big rock structures in the middle of the ocean, little clear natural pools, wildness, nudity, the most incredible sunset you could imagine… That place is absolutely magic! Nothing bad could never happen there, I swear it. And of course, it was the perfect place to celebrate the birthday of such an amazing and unique human being. And to be honest, his smile was way better than any landscape.

… We even did some rope pictures that we hope you like!

See you soon x

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