I miss the Alps! (January roadtrip 2018)

By Margout
Expedition: Expedition Stuttgart-Dubrovnik

At the beginning of this year we travelled with the cochecito through the snowy landscapes of the Alps. 🙂 It was so amazing! We did a big trip from Stuttgart (Germany) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) passing Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia and then we did aaaall the way back to Spain. In the meantime we explored incredibly beautiful caves, touched big clear waterfalls, made fur little friends, visited one of the best cities in the world, did some urbex and jumped naked into deep crunchy snow. I really love my life and to have these wonderful adventures with an incredibly amazing human being!

I’ve decided to make some posts talking about it and posting the absurd (and NSFW) pictures we took during this trip. <3

I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I did 🙂


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