no car and workshops in spain.

By Zor

We are still in Madrid without a car. We need more moneys than expected for the new T5, so we are saving. Traveling from Madrid to Valencia to Sevilla to different places giving shibari workshops and pritave lessons with out other peoject Madrid Shibari. We did a lot of new friends and it was very good to see our old friends from Madrid 🙂

We are finally going for a seikel modified short 4×4 difflock Volkswagen t5 as the next campervan 🙂 We plan to have it in a month. And tomorrow we go back to Canary Islands to shoot with the amazing and slightly atistic but extremely nice people from KinkCanary. Cant wait to be there. And i want to start scuba diving again…

Here you have some pictures from the last workshops we were giving around spain 🙂 Tomorrow i will update again and talk about our secret dirty parties! 🙂


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