Our first night as Polynomads

By Alice
Expedition: Expedition North Cape

Less than one year ago we spent our first night camping as Polynomads. We were on our way up to Norway, and before taking the ferry, we spent one night in the north of Denmark. We drove through Thy Nationalpark up to the dunes around Hanstholm. And of course the first thing we did to gracefully begin our outdoor adventure was getting stuck in the sand! But after some digging and worrying about missing the ferry the next morning, we were finally abled to set up our camp for the first night. We still had to figure out how everything works, but it turns out that we found our routine pretty quickly: Margot got naked and jumped into the cold water, Zor set up all his cameras and tripods to capture the breathtaking sunset, and I was happily cooking huge amounts of food.



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