Taking a ferry to Huelva

By Margout
Expedition: Expedition Canarias I
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I’m writing this on our ferry to Huelva! I’m finally traveling again bliii I’m so so excited!

I took a flight on Wednesday from Barcelona to Gran Canaria to join Zor and our van. The travel was quite crazy… As we are going to attend Xplore Festival Barcelona as presenters I’m carrying more stuff than usual, and that includes gags, plugs, latex… and an anal hook (yes, on my carry on baggage). So when I crossed the security control a Guardia Civil (military Spanish policeman) stopped me and asked me to check my backpack. And of course, I ended up explaining him how an anal hook works and which part goes in and so on. He looked completely shocked and after few seconds of silence he just said “continue”. So I left with my anal hook and trying to not start laughing crazily in the middle of the airport.

The flight was quite nice, I was lucky to get a window seat and to enjoy the ocean touched by a sunny day. The funny day started when we landed. Suddenly two policemen went into the plane and arrested two young passengers. Everyone was freaking out… When I went out I understood everything. Apparently, and old “nice” lady reported to the crew these two poor men confusing them with two terrorists. SERIOUSLY. And they called to the police. So this lady ended up apologizing to everyone and I even if the scene was amazing I left fast because I really wanted to see Zor again.

We went to sleep to the ferry platform and since yesterday we are crossing the sea on a ship with a VIP pass that include showers, big amazing seats and free juices. Tonight we will finally arrive to Huelva and a new adventure will start.

As we don’t have pictures yet here you have some from exactly one year ago when we spent a few days with some good friends at a little wooden house in the middle of the forests of Catalonia. 🙂 (Photos taken by Paelladepixels and Clementine Poulain).

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