Welcome to Polynomads (Zor) :)

By Zor

We travel around the world, working on the way. We live in this tiny camper, tent, friend’s places or airbnbs. We give Shibari workshops, private lessons and shoot porn. Passive income is the trick. We are in a poly relationship and we care for each other. We have no destination. Or fixed schedule. We like to explore, we are open minded and we take risks. Being non conformist, creative and going out of our comfort zone are our fetishes  we like to be alone and big crowds stress us a lot, but we like to meet interesting people. We are not rude, but shy. Doing all this is extremely easy. Going every day to the office, that is the difficult thing to do  I am very in love and very happy to share my life with Alice and Margot 

We have been traveling as nomads for 11 months now and some days ago we realized something important. We were shooting some rope pictures and we decided to do them with a bikini because of facebook and instagram censorship. And that was very wrong.

We realized that we were changing our behaviour to adapt to a platform that censors the human body (specially the female one) and thinking a bit more, we also realized that we are not the owners of our own content. If tomorrow facebook closes, we will lose all our (censored) pictures, texts, thoughts and posts. So we decided to open this blog where all content is under our own control, where we can post nsfw pictures (and believe me, there will be a LOT of nsfw pictures), and with no fear of losing all we write if facebook decided a nipple in a picture is reason enough to delete all our content.

So we did this thingy. It is easy to use. It will tell you (approximately) where we are. The 3 of us will be posting and we will post in english and español. So if you want something translated use deepl.com 😉 Most of the posts will be a single picture, something absurd or a tiny video so don’t expect super long monologues about life, power and the meaning of life (but dont be surprised if you find something like that sometimes).

We also set up an ask.fm thing so you can ask us absurd questions like “why is it always sunset when you post sunset pictures of the car”, “how do you deal with jealousy” or “how much do you spend every day”. It is up right in the menu if you are using a proper computer or in some hidden place if you are reading this from a phone.

And we will also write some articles about tips and tricks because we are learning a LOT in this trips.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Polynomads (Zor) :)

  • Nils May 15, 2018 at 09:51 Reply

    Hello People 🙂
    Im Nils, 22, and im Kind of new in poly but i try it with my girlfriend. Its pretty difficult to find sich openen mindet People.
    I came to your Site on Tumblr, saw this beautiful picture of Alice, hanging in the ropes! So i read your comments and
    this Sounds so amazing!
    How do you met each other?
    An der how did you Start the Journey?
    It’s so intresting, cant hold back🙈
    Next time your round cologne, Germany hit me up! Also free Place for the Night.

    • Alice May 26, 2018 at 15:05 Reply

      Thanks! It’s super exciting that people find our little project here, and like what we are doing!
      Zor and I met at a rope event in Berlin in 2015. We were traveling a lot all the time anyway, visiting each other or friends, but we wanted to be able to explore more and depend less on sleeping at other people’s houses. So we got the camper and gave up our apartment!
      I’m actually in Cologne right now, where I usuallyly live and work for some weeks every few months 🙂
      Thank you for your comment and hope to keep in touch!

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