Secret charquito in fuerteventura :)

By Zor
Expedition: Expedition Canarias I
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I will do some posts about secret places. First one is this amazing natural pool in Fuerteventura. It can be reached ony at low tide but it is totally worth it. It is usually full of fish(es), transparent water, no sea urchins and we had an amazing time there.

How to get there:

First of all, you need to go there at low tide, and you need to search for a -.75m tide or more. Use a tide table. The place will be underwater except for 2 hours before low ide and 2 hours after low tide. Then you must reach Faro el Toston, in the north of Fuerteventura. Just before reaching the faro, there will be a dirt track that leaves to the right. It is a sand track but totally safe. Exactly 150 meters east of the junction starts Playa de los charcos. You can park before the beach. Then you must look for “Baja del Marrajo”. It is underwater most of the time but reachable by foot at low tide. At the end of the baja, to the right, hidden from the beach, you will see a 20 meter natural pool of transparent water. You are there.

Be careful, if the water starts to fill the pool, that means that you need to get wet to go back to the car. The area is very safe so dont worry too much about it. All the area is full of life and you can see lot of fish, crabs an even spanish dancers sometimes (hexabranchia sanguinus).

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