We are Alice, Margot and Zor and these are our adventures and travel diaries.

I miss the Alps! (January roadtrip 2018)

Expedition: Expedition Stuttgart-Dubrovnik At the beginning of this year we travelled with the cochecito through the snowy landscapes of the Alps. 🙂 It was so amazing! We did a big trip from Stuttgart (Germany) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) passing Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia and then we did aaaall the way back to Spain. In the…

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no car and workshops in spain.

We are still in Madrid without a car. We need more moneys than expected for the new T5, so we are saving. Traveling from Madrid to Valencia to Sevilla to different places giving shibari workshops and pritave lessons with out other peoject Madrid Shibari. We did a lot of new friends and it was very…

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Aquapark last summer with our friends!

Expedition: Summerhouse with Friends Hey there! Last summer, during a week on a Catalan summerhouse  with some of our ropes/kinky scene friends from all around Europe, our friend Héctor with his countryside superpowers found an incredible river that automatically became my personal aquapark. So I took my inflatable donut, my ducky googles and jumped in…

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Goodbye Cochecito. Time to upgrade.

Expedition: Expedition Xplore Cochecito is being sold. We are very sad about it, but we need to upgrade for two reasons: – cochecito is not 4×4. And we are going into 4×4 tracks more and more, and we dont want to break it – cochecito is for 2 people, and half of the time we…

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Our first night as Polynomads

Expedition: Expedition North Cape Less than one year ago we spent our first night camping as Polynomads. We were on our way up to Norway, and before taking the ferry, we spent one night in the north of Denmark. We drove through Thy Nationalpark up to the dunes around Hanstholm. And of course the first…

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Abandoned Hotel and natural rock pools

Expedition: Expedition Canarias I We went from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote by ferry, and because we arrived late in the afternoon I was looking up a place to camp near the harbour in Playa Blanca. I found an interesting structure on the sattelite map and after some research it turned out to be an abandoned hotel…

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